Cross-Platform mobile applications are compatible with and can run on any mobile platform. Team Adpro understand that market demands and user needs are growing, you need to make sure you are available everywhere at the right time. Cross-Platform applications help your business to be available in the right market at the right time and at affordable price as well. Various platforms are available for Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development. However, PhoneGap is the most sought after framework for building hybrid apps as it is open-source. PhoneGap framework can help build mobile apps that will work in various platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone.

Why Cross-Platform apps development?

  • Affordable development costs
  • Cross Platform apps can run on devices operating in various mobile platforms
  • One- time investment to build hybrid apps – reduced cost & economical for small businesses
  • Uniformity in features, functions and looks across mobile platforms – helps in branding
  • Reduce time invested in mobile apps development & get noticed everywhere in no time
  • Reach your audience through multiple platforms
  • Write a single code and customize it to suit different platforms with small changes in them
  • The frameworks available to develop hybrid apps are simple for developers to understand
  • Business productivity apps
  • Mobile Commerce (mCommerce) apps
  • CRM and Sales force mobility
  • Mobile Business Software
  • Social apps
  • Multimedia mobile solutions
  • Communication apps
  • Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi apps
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This Tasbeeh app lets you count and remember the Zikr and Azkar you do to improve your spiritual connection with Allah. This app make the Zikr and Azkar really easy. nYou can Collect your dua and tasbeehaat and share it with your friends as well.

Tasbeeh features include:

– Create a group/Tasbeeh
– Option to set target for count
– Update Tasbeeh group which you created
– Join existing Tasbeehaat groups
– Invite your friends from your contacts”

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